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Who are we?

S-Industries, the specialist in wire cabling

S-Industries is an independent industrial company specialising in the manufacture of electrical or electronic cords, and electrical harnesses, for runs of 20 to 20 000 parts per year.

On the basis of its original know-how, S-Industries also handles integration of electrical and electronic assemblies and subassemblies for its customers.

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A group at your service

The company manages all the purchases needed for the manufacture of the products.

Production is carried out in Normandy, France, or at our delocalised plant in Tunisia for the larger runs.

We have a staff of 50 persons in France and 250 persons in Tunisia.
The distinguishing features of S-Industries are strict control over the purchasing and procurement chain, and customer support from the design stage to the mass production life of the product.

Customised solutions

Supply adjusted to demand

Site adaptation according to volume and delivery times (France or Tunisia).

S-Industries , as manufacturer of electrical cords, sets out to meet the requirements of all its customers:

it enables its customers who require electrical cords produced in large runs or with a very high added value, to have production in a “low cost” country without increasing their needs in terms of support structure.

Possibility of commercial contract arrangement to adapt supply to requirements

S-Industries can offer a commercial contract for your recurring productions, so as to establish dedicated material stocks.

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