Mastered technique

Mastery of technologies

S-Industries,  a manufacturer of electrical looms and cords is equipped with all the necessary tooling and equipment for working on all kinds of cables, wires and connectors existing on the market, and manufacturing all kinds of electrical harnesses and cords:

Brazing  (welding), manual work on electronic boards, wire connections on CMS boards.

Automatic crimping Cable cutting Manual crimping
sertissage-auto semi-automatic manuel
  • Self-stripping contact (SSC), with insulation displacement
  • Ultrasonic frequency splicing (splicing by ultrasonic welding)
  • All kinds of marking (inkjet on board machines, Zebra, labels)
  • Wire processing on programmable robots: cutting, stripping, crimping, twisting, joining, fluxing, tin coating, splicing, terminals. The prepared wires are used to make the electrical harnesses manufactured by S Industries.
  • Coaxial cables
  • All types of plugs, ends, contacts, terminals, pre-insulated terminals, sub-D
  • All types of connections and connectors
  • Wrapping

Reliability and quality

Systematic on-site tests

  • 5 SYNOR test stands
  • Over 240 000 cords tested each year

As a manufacturer of electrical harnesses and cords, S-Industries conducts systematic unit tests under low and high voltage (continuity, insulation, short circuit, dielectric strength, crimp reliability) on all the electrical harnesses it manufactures.

  • Design and manufacture of test interfaces for cords and harnesses.

Investments in fixed assets

Response to a wide range of requirements

The production plant has an area of 4000 m2.

Modern machinery

Reliability and search for automation

The S-Industries machine fleet:

  • KOMAX programmable robots (KOMAX 433S 5 stations and 255).
  • SCHLEUNIGER PowerStrip and MegaStrip cutting robots.
  • SCHLEUNIGER 8015 and 257 coaxial cable stripping machines.
  • SCHUNK ultrasonic frequency welding machine.
  • MDT10 wire insulation displacement machine.
  • Zebra label inkjet marking machine.
  • Fleet of crimping presses up to 4.5 tonnes.
  • 370 Mini applicators for different types of terminal (MOLEX, AMP, JST, PRONER, STOKO, HIROSE, etc.)
  • MECATRONIX injection press.

SICOR Tunisia sicor

Owned by S-Industries

Same standard of requirements

S-Industries offers the following advantages :

  • Places orders with S-Industries which buys the components, and plans and follows up production and logistics.
  • Export of know-how
  • Double source : S Industries, itself a manufacturer of electrical cords and harnesses, holds the dossiers of all delocalised production and if necessary can manufacture under a double-source arrangement.
  • Quality assurance : S Industries regularly inspects its delocalised site.

Technical support

S-Industries, a manufacturer of electrical cords and harnesses, can help its customers in the definition of cords and harnesses and component integration, at all stages of life of the product:

  • At the design stage: help with choosing components (electrical cords, etc.), rationalisation, product consistency, conformity to standards.
  • In mass production: value analysis, product simplification, adaptation of products to the standards of certain markets (e.g. UL standards).
  • At end of life: equivalence in the case of component obsolescence.
  • After sales: the document management of S-Industries means that any mass production can be relaunched for AS requirements.
  • S-Industries offers advice for optimisation of drawings and sources, cost reduction, value analysis and group purchasing.
  • It ensures conformity to specifications and to customers’ technical dossiers.