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S-Industries handles integration of electrical, electronic and electromechanical assemblies and subassemblies, such as bays, terminal blocks, cubicles, boxes, racks, cabinets and consoles for all sectors of activity.

Examples of projects:

  • Medical imaging control consoles
  • Home medical apparatus
  • Motor control cubicles, robot control cubicles
  • Power management cabinet
  • Car park entrance stations, car park barriers
  • Boxes for heater units, ventilation units, power supply plates and units, equipped DIN rails
  • General public stations.


  • Multi-disciplinary technical coordination
  • Management of integration sub-dossiers (panelling, plastic parts)
  • Tests on subassemblies or finished products.

Benefits to the customer

  • Assembly and testing assured by a company with an electronics culture.
  • ISO 9001 certification of integration processes, including selection and qualification of panel subcontractors.
  • Short delivery times, as connecting cords and wiring are made as background tasks.