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S-Industries has recognised know-how in making complex electrical and electronic harnesses, manufactured on site for small and medium-sized runs, and at our delocalised plant for larger runs.

Proficiency in electrical loom manufacturing processes and the related tests guarantees irreproachable production quality.

Loom applications

  • Wiring harnesses for racks and cabinets.
  • Harnesses on machines, vehicles and units
    (engine harnesses, cabin harnesses, main harnesses, lighting harnesses, equipment harnesses).
  • Harnesses for power supply and distribution.

Examples of technologies

  • All connection devices (standard, shielded, watertight), all connectors.
  • Ultrasonic frequency splicing (ultrasonic welding)
  • Wire wrapping, cable tubing (split or non split), fabric tubing, heat-shrink tubing.