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S-Industries makes all types of cords according to drawings for wire cabling of all industrial applications. Its know-how covers all cords and technologies necessary for customers’ products, from power supply cords or cables to signal connections, even in difficult environments or in accordance with specific standards.

Connection applications

All types of connections and wire cabling:

  • Cords between customer OEM (screen, printer, keyboard, CPU, readers, detectors, modem).
  • Intra-and inter-bay cables.
  • Electrical cords connecting robot components.
  • Installation wiring by the supply of cables of suitable length for the customer’s configuration.

Examples of technologies

  • Bus ribbons
  • Power cables
  • Electrical cords for all types of connections (from power terminal to micro-coaxial cables).
  • Overmoulded mains cords.
  • High-temperature silicone electrical cords, UL materials by default, produced for corrosive environment.

Advantages for the customer

  • Single contact person, expert advice
  • Value analysis, product consistency, standardisation, reactivity in case of obsolescence by management of equivalent components.